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Psychiatric Evaluation

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation may be conducted by psychiatric providers when an individual presents with issues related to history her mental health.  It may be used to diagnose emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders.

During an evaluation, your provider will gather information on present concerns and symptoms. In addition, assessment of behaviors, effects of symptoms and behaviors on functioning, medical history, personal and family psychiatric history, will be conducted. Questions regarding social history including relationships with family and friends will also be asked. In some cases, a physical exam, blood tests and other diagnostic tools will be utilized to provide additional insight.

Medication Management

Medications can aid in the treatment of several mental health conditions. If your provider recommends medication, the initial stages of treatment may require several trials of different medications in order to choose a regimen that is effective without side effects.  Regularly scheduled follow-up sessions with your provider are necessary to ensure that you have the best response to treatment.

Treatment recommendations may also include psychotherapy. Treatment plans are based on the individual’s needs. During your initial evaluation, you and your provider will discuss and agree on the treatment course that best meets your needs and situation.


Psychotherapy or “talk therapy” may be offered in addition to medication. In other cases, psychotherapy alone may be the best treatment option. Psychotherapy helps a person identify and challenge troubling emotions and/or behaviors. There are many reasons a person may seek psychotherapy, ranging from depression and anxiety, to difficulties in creating and sustaining stable relationships with others, to fear of expressing themselves authentically.  

Sometimes a particular experience such as the loss of a loved one, separation, a stressful family situation, or a milestone such as marrying or becoming a parent, may precipitate a decision to seek therapy. Others may find themselves with a long-standing sense of feeling lost, a lack of interest in activities, and disengagement from others. While the reasons for seeking therapy and the benefits vary vastly from person to person, most individuals share a desire for a more satisfying experience of their lives.


At Enroot, we offer telehealth appointments, which allow you to see your provider at your convenience from the comfort of your home. Our providers conduct appointments utilizing HIPAA-compliant programs. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with webcam to participate. Telehealth services are covered by many major insurance companies.